spring colors

I went for a little walk to take a picture while the tree was still blooming today. The weather was perfect. Only problem is I’m feeling the oak pollen now.

The pollen count around here is seriously high. It has been for the past couple of weeks. Oak and grass are highest, but I know its the oak that bothers me because when the oak pollen is high, I get sniffly and itchy and headachy. Something else bothers me, ragweed I think.

I’ve been busy with ancestry.com for the last few days. All the commercials finally drove me to go for the free trial. If the information I’m finding is correct, its pretty interesting. I’ve found ancestors that came from Switzerland, Germany, and Ireland. Also one of my great-great grandmothers descends from Cherokee indians. It really shows when you look at me and how well I tan [/sarcasm].

My mom has to go to the hospital next week to have her veins and arteries in her right leg cleaned up. Something like that. I don’t know if they’re doing her left leg too, but the doctor said definitely the right leg. She has clots again. My dad has been miserable all week. He had a doctors appointment today but missed it. I figured he knew since the appointment paper was lying out in plain sight but apparently I still need to remind him. My fault. He really needed to go too. The area around his g-tube is still weepy, sore and infected. He’s not eating much because of it. He probably needs to be in the hospital for more aggressive treatment than what’s being done at home.

I’ve been in a sour mood lately. Last night I was just plain angry at everyone. Angry for the messes they make, angry they don’t do much to help, angry they let themselves get so damn sick. Just angry at the toll its taking on me. I’m not so angry today, but I’m sure I can be set off.

Off to do some dishes. Such joy. And I should probably try to find more food than a spoonful of peanut butter. I’m craving a nice salad.