one of those days

I know, technically I already posted today with my late night post, but screw it. I need to vent, or at least type a bit.

I happened to be driving through downtown Orlando today and had an opportunity to snap a pic. Its the Grand Bohemian hotel downtown.

Grand BohemianI really like driving along Orange Avenue downtown. You’re surrounded by tall buildings, can catch a glimpse of the nightlife scene when nobody is there. I don’t feel so afraid of it anymore. Between driving that and Magnolia Ave I feel fairly oriented downtown. No, I couldn’t tell you what everything is, but I’m getting an idea, and I like that its not so foreign anymore.

I’ve been taking more of my 365 pictures on my iPhone when I’m out, and just directly upload them to flickr. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been posting all of them. That and I don’t always have anything to say.

My dad got out of the hospital today. I’m hoping its not premature and that his stomach doesn’t get really bad again. I gather its still producing discharge, but they’ve given him stuff to put on it. Whatever, its not like there’s anything I can do about it.

I’ve been in a bad mood today. I couldn’t sleep last night and then was woken up early with a phone call letting me know my dad would be let go early afternoon. Then I called the nursing home about my mom’s appointment with the vascular surgeon on Monday. They want me to take her (hopefully she can get in and out of my car by now). Its at my usual gym time with the trainer but I just rescheduled that since the doctor apparently is only in the office once a week (wtf?). Then a girl from the nursing home called me to tell me I needed to sign readmission papers next time I visit her. Hello? She’s been back a week and a half, what was the holdup? I was expecting that call last week. I settled down to take a nap and was woken by a call to get my dad just when I was settling into a decent sleep. Took about an hour to get him out.

I went to the gym with Zach to try to burn off some of my frustration and, well, anger. I don’t know why I was so damn angry today. I was just resenting everything and feeling very “what about me?” I spent my 20’s, when most of my peers were going to college and exploring who they were raising a child. In my 30’s I started to not only raise a child but care for my parents. When is it going to be my time? As morbid as it is, it will probably be when my parents are dead. How is that any way to live your life? Its not, and I feel like I just exist for other people.

Frustration and anger led to an upset stomach, so I haven’ done anything this evening, except for this. Hope you had a better day.

late night

They’re cute. They know this. Plus they make cute little wheeking noises. They use both of these to their advantage. That’s Wicket on the left, and Peanut to the right.

They were dancing around and putting their noses in the air because they knew it was time for lettuce. A nice big bowl of romaine.

My dad gets out of the hospital either tomorrow afternoon or on Thursday. I’m kind of hoping they keep him until Thursday because he was able to sleep there, and I know he really needs rest. Plus that peg tube area needs to not be oozing and irritated. My mom goes to see her vascular surgeon on Monday to decide what to do about the DVT’s. I’m still betting on a hospital stay.

I still haven’t gotten much done that I thought I would be getting done. I need to make a list and prioritize. Then I’ll have a list to stare at.

I had a bunch of thoughts but now I don’t remember them because I’ve suddenly gotten tired. Goodnight, blog.