Another song they play on the radio a lot? The latest from Pink. And Rocketeer by Far East Movement. Just sayin’.

When my dad had the surgery to put in his port on Friday, the doctor also replaced his peg tube (feeding tube) because my dad was having some leaking with the original one. On Saturday the area around the new one started leaking and bleeding a bit. It was still doing it on Sunday so I called the doctor. I took him in to be seen first thing this morning. By then the bleeding had become heavier and he was in pain. They looked at it, mumbled some stuff, and decided to admit him because he was a bit dehydrated and they wanted to check the placement of the tube to make sure it was in the right place. So I ended up leaving him there. I talked to his nurse later in the day, and she said along with fluids he was also getting IV antibiotics. They didn’t have the results of whatever test they did to check the tubes placement, and they were having to change the dressings on it every hour. I suspect he’ll be there for a couple of days.

I went to see my mom. She was lying in bed instead of sitting up. Her feet are in bad shape. They have a bunch of wounds and her toenails need to be cut by a podiatrist. I asked the nurse how her feet were doing, and found out she has blood clots in her feet and legs and they were “waiting on a vascular consult.” This is going to land her in the hospital again, no doubt. It NEVER ends, does it? I feel bad for my parents going through all of this. I wish they’d taken care of themselves.

Speaking of taking care of yourself, I went to the gym. I worked my back and biceps with the trainer, and then hoofed on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I’ve really got to make a concerted effort to get there more often. It’s not always fun while I’m working but it takes away a lot of stress and tension. Plus it’s good for me. All of this complaining about my parents not taking care of themselves, and what am I doing to be proactive? Not enough.