Saturday night’s alright for, well, something

I’ve figured something out. Every time I’m in the car and have the radio on, they are playing the same seven songs over and over. Firework and teenage dream by Katy Perry, the crackhead and hot pants songs by Kesha, the new Britney song, Enrique Iglesias song about rudely loving you, and the latest Usher song. I hear them every single time. If I hear anything else its Bruno Mars, the new Lady Gaga, or that old Jason Mraz song. Seriously! No wonder I’ve come to loathe driving so much. Gotta make some CD’s.

I know everyone has mentioned it, but the moon was really gorgeous tonight.

It took me several tries to get that shot. I don’t even remember what mode I was in when I took this one. That’s my 50th picture too. I can’t believe I’ve taken at least one picture a day for that long in a row.

My dad went to MD Anderson to get his blood transfusion at 2:00 this afternoon. I picked him up at 8:00. Turns out there was a recliner in the room so I could have stayed comfortably and gotten some knitting done. Oh well. I didn’t do much with the rest of my day. Did some laundry, went through a stack of mail, watched the last 1/4 of a lap of the Nationwide race, cleaned a little, and bought a ticket to see Florence and the Machine at the Hard Rock Live in June. I have high hopes that things will be a little calmer by then. Now watch it not be because I got that ticket.

How exciting was your day? Hope you did something fun!