I had a long day

How does the rest of that had a bad day song go? I can hear it in my head but I can’t make out what he’s singing. My brain is not fine tuned, it seems.

We got to the hospital at 6 and they took him back almost immediately for prep. I made myself comfortable in the waiting room. I got to go see him before he went to surgery, which was me just standing next to his bed looking around. Couldn’t exactly have a conversation. I was kept well informed; they let me know what time he was wheeled into the operating room and then exactly what time the surgery started. They allotted an hour and a half but it took just over 30 minutes. I waited while he was in recovery, and when he was ready we went straight over to chemo.

I’d been knitting while waiting for the surgery to be done. I was working away on my cardigan. I got two inches into it, started work on the patterned portion, and realized I’d cast on 20 too many stitches. FAIL. So I ripped it out and started over. I got back to the patterned portion while waiting for chemo but didn’t get far because I was tired of knitting after that many hours. My back hurt from sitting in chairs, I was tired from the unnatural lighting and sitting so much. I spent some time standing and knitting. By the end of the day, 10 hours later, I was ready to get the hell out of there. I was on a too much caffeine buzz, but I settled down eventually and fell asleep. I left the water running in the pool but luckily Zach caught that. I slept until 9, but I think I’ll still sleep just fine tonight.

They run blood work before they do the chemo. His potassium and magnesium were low so they gave him that. Also, his platelet count was low so he has to go back tomorrow for a blood transfusion, which will take 8-10 hours. I’m not staying the whole time, and he said he was fine with that. I would leave and go somewhere while he had chemo but I’d miss free food, plus I don’t know the area well. Oh, and there’s that whole pay to park thing. It seems silly to pay twice. I’d like to take off and go to the expensive mall and window shop, but alas, I stay and “keep him company” even though he’s a loner and couldn’t care less.

The thing about tomorrow is we don’t have a set time. Its whenever a bed is ready. They’ll call and tell us what time to come, and it could literally be at any point durning the day. I really hope its not to far into the afternoon because I don’t want to drive out there by myself at night to pick him up. Zach has tickets to a soccer game. The tickets were free, so if worse comes to worse I’ll just have to severely piss him off and make him stay home so I’m not going alone.

I’m looking forward to next week week. Its a slow one.

3 thoughts on “I had a long day

  1. That all sounds like teh suck.
    Is there a busline or something near the treatment center so you could leave your car and just go? Is it in an area that is pleasant for walking?
    I mourn for your lost hours and days. You aren’t supposedto have to deal with the ailing parent problem until a few decades from where you are now- you should be enjoying your 30’s. I am sending positive wishes to you, and a wish for me – another of the pictures you take! Spring is coming!


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