I’m sitting here, listening to John Mayer, trying to decide which sweater to start knitting tomorrow. I’ve got my pattern notebooks out, booklets, magazines, all strewn across my bed.

I’d drag out a book or two if I thought one would help, but I think I’m just going to go with the pattern I was working but needed to start over because it was going to be way too big. It should keep me occupied for a while. I need something that will keep me busy because tomorrow will be a long day. I really should choose something I have to pay attention to so I don’t fall asleep.

At 6am my dad has to report to the hospital for an 8:30 surgery to put in a port for his chemo. After he’s done with that he goes over to have chemo. I don’t know how long the surgery takes, all I know is the doctor called it a “simple procedure.” The chemo takes over three hours. All that time sitting on my butt, I’m not going to know what to do with myself. I don’t expect to be home before mid to late afternoon. Then I still need to have the energy to go visit my mother. If I could be sleeping right now, I would. Of course, just sitting for so long tomorrow is going to wear me out. There’s so much irony in that.

I went all FLY lady on the kitchen sink. I didn’t think I would ever do that because it sounded silly, but I did feel a sense of accomplishment knowing the sink was not only shiny, but clean. Cleaning always makes me feel better, its just getting started that I have so much trouble with. Right now the house really needs to be cleaned, but I just feel so drained all of the time. I’m embarrassed to say there are still a couple of Christmas decorations still out because I’ve been too lazy to deal with it. I need to do something before my mom comes home, not that she’ll complain, but so she feels comfortable. Or actually, so I feel comfortable.

There’s much to be done and tended to and only so much time and so many hands to do it all with. Guess I’m putting Zach to work helping me. He’ll love that.

3 thoughts on “decisions

  1. I feel the exact same way about cleaning- something about the energy exerted is good for releasing stress, and then you get a nice clean (insert cleaned thing) for your efforts.


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