My dad had a doctors appointment this morning before chemo. The doctor said the tumor felt softer and my dad agreed, plus I guess there’s less discharge where it broke through the skin. That’s after one chemo treatment. I’m pretty amazed. My dad also said this was the first day he’d felt pretty decent in a while. The next few days won’t be that way, but apparently he rebounds before each treatment. Or has so far. That’s good news. I kind of had doubts about this treatment helping but apparently I’m being proven wrong, which I gladly accept. After we got back from chemo, I fell asleep. I’m still tired though.

I let Zach use the car tonight and skipped the concert. I really didn’t have the energy to drive to Downtown Disney to the House of Blues and deal with a younger punk crowd. Flogging Molly is so fun live that I’m kind of bummed, but at least I didn’t miss Supernatural. Not that I was really impressed with Supernatural tonight. I thought it was kind of a boring episode, and I especially didn’t like that the previews for next week showing no reference to follow up to the end of the show, which was kind of important. Indulge me for one paragraph, folks. Its the only show I really watch.

Zach went to the Magic game tonight with his friend with the family season tickets. Sometimes his mom lets him take friends instead of the family going. Tomorrow he gets to go to a meet the Magic with the same kid. But the kicker is Zach bought tickets for a 50/50 raffle at the game and won over $3000. Seriously. That kid has some LUCK. I’m going to start rubbing his head so maybe some of the good luck will rub off on me.

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