My dad had an appointment with the dental oncologist yesterday. We waited, and waited. Finally he asked me what time it was. It was 4:15. His appointment was for 3:00. He got fed up and walked out. I can’t say I blame him. He already wasn’t feeling well, and then the doctor is running over an hour behind? That seems to be a problem over there even more than in regular doctors offices. I think they schedule too many appointments too close together. He has a doctor’s appointment before chemo on Friday so its going to be an early day. I just hope I get some decent sleep.

My mom is still kind of out of it. She seems to be getting a bit more oriented though. Not sure why she got so confused. It might have been my fault for not visiting while I was sick. She was in strange surroundings with nothing familiar around. She’s been sick to her stomach tonight and something something something her platelet count may be low so they called me to get permission for a transfusion if she needs it. Things just go from bad to worse. They were going to release her tomorrow, too. Now I have no idea.

I just wish there was a sign  as to when things were going to slow down. Its getting to where I’m just thinking “Oh. Something else. Great.” My emotions are flatlined, and that’s not normal for me. Maybe it has something to do with fight or flight. Instead of fighting, I’ve just flown away to another place so I don’t have to cope. Its all really blah.

2 thoughts on “Tired

  1. ARGH!
    A piece of advice. Insist on early morning appointments. In the afternoon they’ve started working in people who didn’t have appointments but who need to be seen.
    Do you have health insurance? Go to your doctor and tell her you are stressed, not sleeping and need something to help you relax – like massage. You can usually get a prescription for 6 months at a time and have the majority of it covered by insurance. You need it.


    1. Oh how I would love a massage. Especially if they were prescribed! Unfortunately I don’t have health insurance, and I take ambien for sleep as is. It just doesn’t work that well.


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