I have them.

I fell asleep around 4am last night and woke up at 8 something. I couldn’t get back to sleep. I guess there was some sort of divine intervention because I got a couple of important calls from the hospital. The first was the doctor who wanted to go over her mental status, since I’d told the nurse yesterday that she was not right. She had no idea what was going on, and couldn’t remember who I was when I talked to her on the phone. They’re doing an MRI to make sure nothing catastrophic has happened. I haven’t heard back so I’m hoping that’s good news. Either that or they haven’t actually gotten her to MRI yet.

The chemo seems to be catching up with my dad. He’s been in bed most of the day. I don’t know how he’s going to make it to his appointment tomorrow afternoon if he’s this exhausted. I guess he’ll just power through, or something. This doesn’t seem like its going to be so easy now.

I have something for me today-an appointment at the gym with the trainer. I could stand to burn off some stress. My good doctor of the head meds also suggested that I get regular exercise to deal with the stress of life right now. I know he’s right, since I usually feel a bit better after some exertion. Now if I could just find the energy at the right time and actually make it to the gym.

My picture for today is of excessive necklaces.

I found this wire “dress form” at Pier One a couple years ago and started using it to hang jewelry. I really love it. I actually broke out the tripod for this picture because I was too shaky. I think it helped a lot. I may have to use that thing more often. The color turned out really nicely too-spot on, even! Yay successful picture day!

One thought on “hiccups

  1. The stress under which you live is staggering. Please take care of you. I am glad you’re going to the gym and taking photos. Going to the gym should be like breathing for you every day.
    Get help from others, let other people do stuff for the house even if it isn’t the way you’d do it. Clean laundry is clean laundry.


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