Saturday night, I should be watching a movie

My dad had his first chemo treatment yesterday. Basically it was a whole lot of time hooked up to an IV getting various medicines over set amounts of time. One family member can be with the patient for treatment so I sat back in his room and listened to the TV while I knitted. Came close to finishing a hat. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been-they brought caffeinated beverages and food. The food was supposed to be for my dad but since he can’t eat they let me have it. I also got a warm peanut butter cookie.

By the time we were finished I was exhausted,, though, as I’m sure my dad was. When we got home I slept hard for four hours. Then I slept alright last night. My dad seems to be doing ok. He’s not nauseous, was up and dressed today doing his usual. I don’t know if it takes longer for the chemo to ‘hit’ or if he’s just lucky and isn’t going to be really sick.

I’m getting over my flu-like thing. I feel much better than I did, though I’m still tired and have a cough. I’m taking my antibiotics like a good girl so the sinus infection goes away.

My mom is still in the hospital. She seemed a little out of it when I talked to her. She didn’t seem to remember that Zach visited her this afternoon. I was going to go but he went instead. I probably should have gone anyway but he said she was on dialysis. She’s always wiped out on that. Could be why she seemed off when I talked to her.

I have a wall in my room that I had like a gallery wall, with just all sizes and sorts of pictures hanging on it. I’ve decided to take it apart and start over. (don’t wipe the spots away-they’re nails)

I still have to take the remaining pictures down to get that good fresh start. I should probably fill in the nail holes since behind some of the pictures. My method for hanging originally was too hammer until I got the nail in the right spot. I had color prints and canvases up as well, and I really wanted to make it all black and white photography. Plus, I honestly got tired of looking at some of it. Working around that lamp is kind of a pain in the ass, but I managed last time.

So I’ve got a couple new b&w’s to work in with the rest. I just don’t know if I want to put botanicals and architecture together or if I should split them up and just put pictures somewhere else. The compartmentalizing organization freak in me wants to separate them.

I don’t know if anyone remembers that back in October I decided to listen to my iTunes A-Z. I’m almost half way through, in the J’s. Its taking me quite a bit longer than I expected. Oh, I got a remote for my camera, so maybe I’ll appear in some of my 365 pictures.

That’s it from my corner of the room. Going to try to stay awake so I sleep tonight. Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “Saturday night, I should be watching a movie

  1. I can’t remember how long it took my dad to feel sick when he had chemo, but if I talk to him tomorrow I’ll ask him. Do you know how long your dad will need to be treated? It’s really hard to watch your parents go through that, believe me, especially if you live with them, but hopefully it will do its job and will be worth it in the end.

    You and your family are in my thoughts đŸ™‚


  2. Sounds like an un-fun day!
    It’s strange, but my dad’s cancer treatment is in a black hole in a memory. It was only 6 years ago but what I recall most is how he went from a big, healthy man to a skinny shadow of himself.
    You are in my thoughts.


  3. Love those photos on your gallery wall.

    I’m glad your dad did well with his chemo. I’ve heard that some people are not as badly affected by it, I hope that he is one of them.

    Glad you are feeling better, too. Take good care of yourself!


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