Saturday night, I should be watching a movie

My dad had his first chemo treatment yesterday. Basically it was a whole lot of time hooked up to an IV getting various medicines over set amounts of time. One family member can be with the patient for treatment so I sat back in his room and listened to the TV while I knitted. Came close to finishing a hat. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been-they brought caffeinated beverages and food. The food was supposed to be for my dad but since he can’t eat they let me have it. I also got a warm peanut butter cookie.

By the time we were finished I was exhausted,, though, as I’m sure my dad was. When we got home I slept hard for four hours. Then I slept alright last night. My dad seems to be doing ok. He’s not nauseous, was up and dressed today doing his usual. I don’t know if it takes longer for the chemo to ‘hit’ or if he’s just lucky and isn’t going to be really sick.

I’m getting over my flu-like thing. I feel much better than I did, though I’m still tired and have a cough. I’m taking my antibiotics like a good girl so the sinus infection goes away.

My mom is still in the hospital. She seemed a little out of it when I talked to her. She didn’t seem to remember that Zach visited her this afternoon. I was going to go but he went instead. I probably should have gone anyway but he said she was on dialysis. She’s always wiped out on that. Could be why she seemed off when I talked to her.

I have a wall in my room that I had like a gallery wall, with just all sizes and sorts of pictures hanging on it. I’ve decided to take it apart and start over. (don’t wipe the spots away-they’re nails)

I still have to take the remaining pictures down to get that good fresh start. I should probably fill in the nail holes since behind some of the pictures. My method for hanging originally was too hammer until I got the nail in the right spot. I had color prints and canvases up as well, and I really wanted to make it all black and white photography. Plus, I honestly got tired of looking at some of it. Working around that lamp is kind of a pain in the ass, but I managed last time.

So I’ve got a couple new b&w’s to work in with the rest. I just don’t know if I want to put botanicals and architecture together or if I should split them up and just put pictures somewhere else. The compartmentalizing organization freak in me wants to separate them.

I don’t know if anyone remembers that back in October I decided to listen to my iTunes A-Z. I’m almost half way through, in the J’s. Its taking me quite a bit longer than I expected. Oh, I got a remote for my camera, so maybe I’ll appear in some of my 365 pictures.

That’s it from my corner of the room. Going to try to stay awake so I sleep tonight. Wish me luck.