sick days

I’ve been absent again due to this flu like thing I have. I also have a sinus infection, so I got an antibiotic shot and antibiotics to take. They also gave me a shot of something that helps to relieve the pressure and congestion. I’m supposed to take it easy for the rest of the week, but I have to take my dad to start chemo on Friday. Feeling a bit of stress over that. Plus my mom is back in the hospital because of fluid build-up. Add a little more stress with that. Zach has is sick too. Everyone around me! I hope I don’t get resick.

I don’t really have much to say, I just wanted to throw a post up here to say I’m alive. I need to start a knitting project to take with me on Friday. The girl said we’d be there this visit for up to five hours. Unfortunately he’s not going to have a set schedule for chemo-sometimes the morning, sometimes the afternoon. Afternoons, driving home in the evening? Not looking forward to it. So goes life.

One thought on “sick days

  1. I love the bird necklace!!!

    Sorry I missed you on skype the other day. I’m usually on all day when I’m working but not so much on the weekends because I usually have major cabin fever and need to get out.

    Sorry to hear things are getting rough for your dad. I guess that means it’s working though, right? Still, chemo is some gnarly stuff. My dad still has no feeling in his feet, and he finished in 1993. You need something pretty powerful to kill the cancer, but still keep the rest of the body safe. It’s pretty amazing if you think about it.


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