Saturday night’s alright for blogging

I notice that several people who keep regular blogs don’t blog on the weekends. Since I don’t blog regularly during the week all the time, I don’t mind hopping on during the weekend.

I got a Pottery Barn catalog today.

There’s nothing new or special about it. I love getting Pottery Barn catalogs. I love going to Pottery Barn and sitting on their sofas and chairs. I want to move into Pottery Barn, or slide into one of the catalogs and live there. Yeah, I know they are overpriced, but most of their stuff fits my taste, especially the stuff that looks vintage. I think its the addition of flowers and plants and little this and that’s in their pictured spaces that make it seem so homey and inviting. Note to self: get some houseplants. And create some light for them.

This house has the worst window placement, I swear. Three of them have a view, and that’s about it. Two of them, the view is the pool. A lot of the reason the views and light are so poor is not just the placement of the windows, but the front porch. Its all blocked in (if you look at yesterdays picture, you can see it). If this were my house and I had money, I would change the front of the house so those windows got light and love. I think that would make the house feel healthier.

Oh, and as for my 365, I’m just going to keep plodding along as I have been. So what if the pictures aren’t always exciting. Its all about documenting my life for 365 days, and often times my days are slow and I have nothing to inspire me to take a picture other than a catalog or my cat. The pictures will probably get better with time, quality wise, but the subjects won’t necessarily be breathtaking or story worthy. And I’m ok with that, I think.