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On Tuesday I took my dad to the oncologist to find out the results of his scans. The doctor showed them to us, and pointed out how large the tumor is. Its surrounding his carotid artery, so surgery is a no go. Instead they are going to start out with chemo then consider radiation. Tomorrow morning I take him to see the oncologist that will supervise his chemotherapy and find out when that will get started. I think I have a lot of driving back and forth in my future.

When the doctor said it was inoperable, I can’t really describe what I felt. It was just a blank feeling, not really upset that they can’t operated and certainly not happy. I’ve kind of remained that way. Its like I don’t know what to feel. I’ll probably have a better idea of what I’m feeling when I get more detail on the chemo and what that’s going to be like.

Today was my birthday (or technically it was yesterday since its after midnight). Didn’t do anything all day, and went to Olive Garden for dinner. Points to me for creativity, right? I had braised short ribs and mushroom risotto. And tiramisu. And a little wine. It was my birthday so I splurged. When we got home I fell asleep for a couple of hours until the cat started using me as a jungle gym. She wanted food. Go figure.

I leave you with a picture. Even in the winter the water looks divine.

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