please excuse my absence…

But I’ve been sick. It started last week. I was just feeling lousy, then Thursday night I was hit with a sudden sore throat. It just got progressively worse with sinus congestion and a hacking cough. Today the sore throat finally went away but I still feel a little down with the cough and the sinuses. I have to be up on the road in six hours to get my dad to the other side of downtown for a PET scan. Yay me. I’ll nap when we get home.

My pictures from the last couple of days have been really boring. They’re on my flickr. Feel free to add me over there if you’re a member. I like friends there. I love sharing pictures with people and seeing what inspires them and what they want to remember. Today’s picture only needs one simple word.


Also, I’m not thrilled with my blog layout, so if you come to the actual blog, you will probably see it changing several times over the next few days until I find something I like. I’d really like my own design but I’m not that adept.

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