That’s the number my boy is today. I can’t believe its been 18 years. Then again, can a mother ever believe it? ┬áHe was such a little thing, well, fairly normal for a baby. Six pounds, 13 ounces, 20 inches long, born at 3:16pm. He was purple too. Turned out he had Group B strep. Luckily they caught it early. If he were to shave his head, I bet there would be a tiny scar from where they had internal monitors attached to him, or maybe not. Eighteen years is a long time to heal.

Now he’s an “adult” in the eyes of the law, but still a kid in mine. He always will be. I’m so blessed to have him. Obviously he has to be my 365 for today.

Before you ask, no, he is not tattooed. Its one of those sleeve things He got at a Magic game and now he wears it every game day. I told him he needs to be in his twenties before he makes a decision about a tattoo, though I guess he could go get one now if he wanted. Scary!

Other than today being Zach’s birthday, its not been the best day. Was at MD Anderson for my dad’s scan for three hours. Got a call asking why I hadn’t brought my mom to the vascular lab for her appointment. Apparently the dialysis clinic made her the appointment without consulting me. So, since she has a clot in her fistula, she’s in the hospital to get it fixed and get some dialysis. Hopefully she won’t be there long. On the home front, my dad apparently gave up paying bills because the water got turned off today. Had to rush around and take care of that. At least they did it in the middle of the day.

I’m exhausted. Lack of sleep last night has just pushed me over the edge. That and it was warm enough that I wore flip flops! One should not wear flip flops in January! Its against code! I know, most people would welcome flip flop weather in January, but I cling to winter because its my one time of relief each year. One time to freeze out the mosquitos. Just once a year, people!

Hope this finds you, my fair readers, in good mind and spirit.

please excuse my absence…

But I’ve been sick. It started last week. I was just feeling lousy, then Thursday night I was hit with a sudden sore throat. It just got progressively worse with sinus congestion and a hacking cough. Today the sore throat finally went away but I still feel a little down with the cough and the sinuses. I have to be up on the road in six hours to get my dad to the other side of downtown for a PET scan. Yay me. I’ll nap when we get home.

My pictures from the last couple of days have been really boring. They’re on my flickr. Feel free to add me over there if you’re a member. I like friends there. I love sharing pictures with people and seeing what inspires them and what they want to remember. Today’s picture only needs one simple word.


Also, I’m not thrilled with my blog layout, so if you come to the actual blog, you will probably see it changing several times over the next few days until I find something I like. I’d really like my own design but I’m not that adept.