pictures worth a few words

I forgot to post on Tuesday, probably because I had nothing to say. Here’s Tuesday’s picture.

This is a bud on my rose bush, Old Blush. Its an old garden rose (as in not hybridized to the point that if you look at it cross-eyed it gets black spot). There’s a little history on the rose here, if that kind of stuff interests you. She’s a tough old broad. I completely ignore her and she still grows and blooms (not as nicely as if I tended to her more). The bush is currently about 6 feet tall and about as wide. Its going to be a shame to cut it back next month, but it needs to be done.

Today I . . .

Sat in bed and started reading a book about my camera, so I can make the most of it. I already learned the importance of histograms and what they can tell you. I think this book will help me a lot because its written in a fashion that makes sense to my brain. Its not all explained in technological jargon. I need some gentle words surrounding the tech stuff so I feel more at home reading it. I’ve got a basic grasp on the features, but not as in depth as I’d like. I’d like to get to the point where I could maybe take pictures good enough to sell a couple prints on Etsy (dream big, girl).

I can’t decide if I want to keep posting them here with blogs. I guess it will just depend on whether I have anything to say, not that having nothing to say ever stops me.

Today was my dad’s appointment with the doctor at the cancer center. They’re going to do scans and blood work and swallow studies and he’s supposed to see a medical oncologist and a radiation oncologist. The doctor did say there’s a chance it could be scar tissue build up from the last surgery, but I’m not getting my hopes up for that.

Randomly, I was hearing something on the news about being socially withdrawn is bad for heart patients. I’m going to have to make my mom leave the house more when she gets home.

days end

This didn’t come out quite as nicely as I’d hoped. I didn’t have time to keep experimenting with the settings because a)the sun was going down, and b)I had to go to the store. I got the clouds to show up. That pleased me. I’m really starting to see how manipulating the camera settings makes such a difference in pictures.

I was reading an article earlier and clicked a link that I thought went to a different article. Instead it took me to a website for the flat belly diet. I sat there and watched the video outlining their diet plan. I don’t know why I did, I must be completely out of willpower, or increasingly desperate. They talked about how certain foods you eat raise your blood sugar and put you into a fat storing mode, things like cereal, bread, pasta. Those, and processed foods were their foods to avoid. I can get behind the processed food business. I’ve been thinking about all the crap that is available to eat, things that are made to simulate other foods (like mashed potatoes) and wondering why not just do the real thing, because not eating all of those chemicals and stuff alone is healthier. Maybe even juicing my own oranges instead of buying the “fortified” kind. No its not quicker, but better in the long run. What it comes down is to I’d rather know what I’m eating than be eating shortcut mystery foods. Maybe I’ll try avoiding the pasta bread cereal too and see if that helps. I need to eat more fruits and veggies, really, and I definitely need more protein in my diet. Really, I just need to eat because honestly, I usually eat one meal a day, and maybe a snack. That’s not helping me lose weight or be healthy. Still, I won’t be spending $99 on the flat belly diet plan.

It just gets confusing, because there are so many “expert” opinions on what’s good and what’s not. Some of it works for some people, other works for others, so you still have to figure out what’s going to work for you, and it especially better work with your lifestyle too.

My dad has an early morning appointment at M.D. Anderson to meet this doctor he’s been referred to for possible surgery. I have to get up early and take him. At least taking him I can find out what’s going on because I go in to talk to the doctor with him. Good thing I have my knitting to take to amuse me.