just another day

Last night, at 4am, I woke with a start. At least that’s what I’d call it. I sat bolt upright in the bed, rather startled, and I have no idea why. It was very strange, and got my cat’s attention. She was very comforting. I got up, had a bowl of cereal, and went back to bed.

Today I mostly sat around in my pajamas.

Ok, not entirely. I did get dressed to go to Bed Bath and Beyond. You see, I have this condition called boreditus. Yeah, I get tired of things around me. I needed to change something so I got a duvet cover set and now my bed is completely white. It feels very fresh and calming. I’ve wanted an all white bed for a long time, since I was a kid at least. My mom told me no because the cats and the dog would make it dirty since they were always on my bed. I reluctantly accepted it (she was right, they always were on my bed) and somehow stored in my brain that I could never have a white bed. It just recently occurred to me that, duh, well yes, I can have a white bed. Sure the cat gets on it, but she’s a house cat. Its not like she’s going to jump up with muddy paws.

Seriously though, since I moved into this room in December of 2008, I painted and then repainted it within six months. I’ve gone through three sets of curtains, two comforter sets, and now four duvet cover sets. I think I just spend too much time in here and get bored by my surroundings. If I could redecorate the entire house I would be THRILLED. None of it is my taste, its all my grandmother’s stuff, and sometimes it feels really morbid to live around, like we’re living in a time capsule of her life. Its no wonder I get restless and don’t always feel at home here.

I don’t really think that’s what I intended this blog to be about. Actually, I have no idea what it was supposed to be other than a way to post my picture for today. Eight straight days of pictures is better than I’ve ever done in a 365 project, and I haven’t even been outside with the camera yet!

So what do you guys think. If you had the budget, would you redecorate your house? Or is it perfectly you?

3 thoughts on “just another day

  1. I followed a link from Geoff’s blog to here and am glad I did.
    I like the way you express yourself; your thoughts are interesting and you communicate a lot in a few words. Nice.
    And yes, I would redecorate! I love sheets, towels, rugs, curtains and accessories, both shopping for them and putting them into play.
    My fingers are greedy for the feel of thick terry towels, heavy, 800 thread count sheets, quilted duvets…


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