a sunday in january

Its just like any other Sunday I suppose. Did laundry and not much else. Took a picture.

I’m a little worried. I’m only nine days into 365 and I’m already struggling with what to take a picture of. Today I took a picture of a keychain hanging with some necklaces and stuff. Pretty soon I’m going to be taking pictures of the ground.

Maybe my life just isn’t interesting enough for 365 days of pictures. Could I find 365 objects to photograph, I’m sure I could, but is that interesting enough? And why am I suddenly so worried about being interesting? I think its because I had a dream last night that I ran into my English professor from college. He was always stressing that we add details to make it interesting, so today I’m worried about being interesting. Artsy Fartsy interesting. Shmantsy pantsy. All that jazz. Ok, I’ve run out. I’m tired. Maybe its time to sleep and try to be interesting tomorrow.

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