shiny and green

Isn’t it purdy? My first pice of Le Creuset cookware. Its a 3 1/2 quart “french” oven (guess they can’t call it a dutch oven since the stuff is made en France). Not very big, but plenty of room for many things. The color is fennel, which is available through Sur le Table. Its so lovely I want more even though I haven’t tried this piece out. Must decide on something to make for dinner so I can use it. Any recommendations? It can go from stove to oven! And then its pretty enough to sit at the table!

You know you’re getting old when you get excited over cookware. And take pictures of it for your picture of the day.

Today was gym day. We measured. I’ve shrunk and inch or half an inch in most places, but my weight has not budged. My trainer wants me to consider running on the treadmill. But I have a bond with the elliptical! We’re friends. I’ll give the running a try, I guess. Its that or the stair master. He’s also going to push me to do 100 crunches (5 sets of 20). I think the guy wants to kill me.

Tomorrow I’m going to a Magic game! Zach won tickets in some trivia thing and I get to go along. He was going to take his best friend, but best friend couldn’t go. Someone else wanted to go but I stepped in (like the big bitch that I am) and asked why I wasn’t invited. I haven’t been to a game in a while. I wonder if I can take my camera? I’ll have to find out. If so, I’ll have basketball pictures to post!

So tell me, what kind of things get you excited that you never expected to be excited about?


8 thoughts on “shiny and green

  1. Oh, I love mine to pieces, or eventually will. A simple, and great, thing to do:

    Your recipe may vary, the official version of this is online as a google search, “best french onion soup”. – We have made it thrice, and it is easily my favorite thing to make.

    Get some large onions. Slice them into fat crescents, maybe a cm thick, 3ish inch long moons.

    Put them in the pot, and put the pot into a 400 degree oven for 2.5 hours

    Every 40 minutes or so, take out the pot. Slide a wooden spoon down the sides, stir the onions well, and try to dislodge any chunks from the walls. dark chunks = flavor.

    Now place the pot on the stove.

    Medium/high. Stir and scrape, always trying to get the brown on the walls and bottom back down into the onions.

    When you can see the bottom starting to form a brown dark crust, pour in 1/4 cup of water. Now get the crust off with the spoon. Water evaporates, do it again.

    Then do it again, but use sherry or a nice white wine instead of the water.

    Then do it again.

    Now add some beef broth, and some chicken broth, and some bay leaf and salt as needed.

    Raise to a boil on high, then reduce to a simmer on low and cover and give it thirty minutes. Take out the leaves etc, and salt and pepper to taste.

    Oh, girl. You just do not KNOW.

    From here, you can throw on Gruyère, or whatever cheese. The gru is expensive, but SOOOOOO good. Toast some french bread, whatever, and float it in there, and man, is that good, too.

    The NEXT kick butt thing is to get some crocks that can safely be broiled, since most are incapable of taking that high heat, but you really can get away heating the cheese to 400 degrees. It just won’t get that awesome crust.

    Maybe a blow torch… We will try that next time. Oh yes.

    Just don’t use provolone. Ick.


  2. I love ours!
    I LOVE the color of yours! We got what I guess is the “White/Dune” (it’s sandy colored so that makes sense)
    I hope you’ll share recipes you make as you go along, I’d love to learn to use ours more 🙂


  3. In response to the actual question of the blog?




    Doing crafts with my daughter.


    Shopping for Clothes at Thrift Stores and Clearance Racks.


    I am very, very, very different than I was ten years ago.


  4. Very sexy pot! Isn’t it funny how champagne from Napa can’t be called champagne because it’s not from France? I think those rules are ridiculous.

    I find myself getting super excited about new fabric, which I in turn use to make clothes for my daughter. So not only is it an old fashioned thing to care about, it’s not even for me.


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