One hundred blog posts that is. I feel like this should be really special, and I should have some marvelous tale to tell, but I don’t. This is going to be, like all of the others, just another blog. I’ve finally accepted that fate and am posting.

I’ve been putting Christmas away. Just have to take the ornaments off of the tree, which I find to be most tedious of all. Then its cleaning and whatnot. I’m really not at all enthused for any of it. All I really want to do lately is sleep and avoid the rest of the world. Someone always has to come wake me up, though. Its hard to say I have the winter blues since I live in Florida. Its just life blues, and lack of drive to do anything. Of course there are things I need to do during the day, like make phone calls and go places, but really, I’d rather sleep. I do it well.

Ugh and my room is messy. That totally throws off my chi. I swear it does. When there’s a lot of unnecessary stuff stashed about my room, or stacked up, my energy just drops, right along with my mood.Maybe I’ll straighten that up right now.

In the mean time, enjoy my picture from today, day 3 of 365.