greetings, 2011

So its time for a new calendar. This year  picked lighthouses. I’ve never actually seen a lighthouse in person (or is that in building). Maybe I should try to day trip up to St. Augustine to see the haunted one.

I’m going to try to take a picture every day. I figure that’s a good way to learn my new camera, and its something I’ve always been meaning to do. I thought about starting a photo blog, but I’ve already got two, what with this one and the knitting one. Plus I can’t come up with a good name that’s already taken. I’ll probably end up doing a round up once a week or so of pictures I’ve taken here, along with posting to flickr.

I did nothing for new years eve. I was asleep before midnight. I’ve got this theory that if I sleep through the hoopla, I can just get up and start the new year like a brand new day, which is what it really is. It just happens to be a good starting point for things too.

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