the last day of the year

So, aren’t we supposed to do some year in review? I see it on other blogs. Lets see, when 2010 began, my mother was in the rehab facility (I feel so weird calling it that because it sounds like she has a drug problem). The year is ending with my mom in the same rehab facility. At least she was home for most of the year in between. What else? I’ve lost some weight, not sure exactly how much. A decent enough amount that I’m a couple or three sizes smaller. There was some other stuff in the middle there, oh, the summer was really hot, and then Christmas came and now its today.

Seriously though, one big change I did manage was actually using this blog. I think when I started out the 30 day meme there were like 14 entries total. Now I’m nearly at 100. Getting the laptop helped a lot. I will continue blogging, even if its about my usual nothing important. You should also be getting more pictures from me hopefully since I spent a pretty penny a new camera. Just need to work on learning all the technical stuff and becoming more proficient.

I’ve become a better knitter this year just from experience, and trying things I was afraid of before. I knit sweaters this year, dammit! Actual garments besides scarves! And hats. Quite a few hats. Next year I will venture into sock knitting. I swears! That will mostly be over on my knitting blog which I also started this year.

In 21 1/2 hours it will be 2011. The year my son graduates from high school. Because of that, this year has been on my mind for a while. My only expectation being seeing my baby all grown up. He’ll be 18 in a few weeks (which means I’ll be 36 a week later, blah). I guess I really expected myself to be in a different place than I am, but so goes life. In the new year I’ll be losing more weight and I’ll get into better shape. I’ll plant a garden and take better care of it than I did this year. Or, I won’t. I’ll fall victim to the heat again. I think really, for now, and next year, I’ll just enjoy the moments. Like this one.

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