nutcracker sweet

When I was a little girl I was given a nutcracker to put in my room as a Christmas decoration. I’m pretty sure it was my mom who gave it to me, it was the kind of thing she’d do. I can’t remember if that was also the year I went to the ballet, too, but at some point in those years 7 and 8 both I saw the ballet and got my own nutcracker. Being a kid, I did try to crack a nut with it, but luckily I did not break it.

What my mom didn’t know was she was starting what would become a Christmas tradition for me. Now, every year, I get a new nutcracker. This year, I picked up this baker at Pier one. I try to keep it to one a year, but they also had a trio of “band geek” soldiers that I ended up with. My nutcracker collection isn’t as huge as you might think. I only really started collecting them yearly in my adulthood. I’ve got six mini nutcracker soldiers, big soldiers, a tall, fancy king, a Scotsman, a pirate, a guy on a rocking horse, and a really tall skinny guy that I got last year and adore. Getting out the nutcrackers is usually what makes it start feeling like Christmas for me.

I have only seen the ballet once. Every year I mean to go, but never bother to get a ticket. I’d be going by myself, so maybe that’s why I’m not motivated. Still, I think the music is magical, and love nutcrackers, even if they don’t actually crack nuts.

Here’s just a few of my other nutcrackers. What do you collect that makes Christmas feel like Christmas for you?



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