a little normalcy

My dad came home from the hospital yesterday. Its weird having him back since he was gone for a week and a half, and Zach and I got used to a quiet home to ourselves. He’s doing tube feedings, and right now I’m waiting for the home health agency to bring him his formula. I’ve been kind of scattered today trying to track down if I could get it at a pharmacy, but I guess the home health is providing it via insurance. At least they’re bringing a months worth so I don’t have to panic over it again for a little while.

My mom is still in the ICU, but doing much better. They’ve gotten over 15 liters, or almost 4 gallons, of excess fluid off of her, and they’re still working. She’ll be assessed at the end of her stay again to see if they want to send her to the rehab again. Not sure how much longer she’ll be there, just know it will be until her doctor is satisfied with her fluid levels and health.

I know its crazy, but if she has to go back to the rehab center, I won’t put up a big fuss. The rehab center knows exactly how upset I am/was, and they know I will complain if necessary, and will not back down until the problem is solved. They’re all very concerned over there about what happened (I don’t know if they could be held liable) and every time I go over to pick up something of hers that I forgot on the last trip, they are more than accommodating in helping me find it. This is one of the better (and smaller) rehab/nursing homes in the area. Last time she was there they were great. This time they just had their heads up their asses at her admission (I blame it partially on being a Friday night).

So that’s where all of that stands. I promise a happier post soon. Maybe later tonight, even.

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