about mom and dad, again

My dad had surgery to have a feeding tube placed in his stomach via abdomen. It went well and he’s tolerating the “formula” well. I talked to the ENT surgeon that treated him when he had his laryngectomy and he said there is a large tumor at the base of my dad’s throat, and that’s what’s keeping him from swallowing. They looked with a scope but couldn’t see it very well. He suspects its cancer since my dad didn’t have any follow-up radiation after the last round. In order to get an idea of how involved with the throat the tumor is, like exactly how big it is, and how attached to the walls of his throat it is, they need to do exploratory surgery. They would do a biopsy at that time and then give him his options. If its not too attached to the throat, he can have the surgery here. If its really bad, he would have to have the whole section of his throat removed and rebuilt from tissue from his inner arm. He’d have to go somewhere else with super surgeons to do that. Or, they might be able to treat it with chemo and radiation.

All of this is going to be up to my dad, because apparently its not a rush decision since he’s now being fed and can breathe. Last time they did the surgery so quickly because he was having so much trouble breathing. Frankly, I will be surprised if he chooses to go through with any surgery. He might do the exploratory surgery, but if it would involve that massive operation, I don’t think he’d do it.

As of today, my mom is back in the hospital. She was in the nursing home one week. In that time she should have had at least three dialysis treatments, but they only managed to get her to one. There was a major information and organizational flaw somewhere, and I let them know I was none to happy. Because she hadn’t received proper dialysis, she was retaining a whole lot of fluid. The got her to the dialysis clinic today, but before they even got her on the machines she fell in the bathroom and knocked her forehead open. Obviously, they called an ambulance and called me. I had them take her back to the same hospital, where my dad is, because she can see her renal doctor and cardiologist while she’s there. When I saw her she was such a mess. Her glasses were scratched from her fall, and they said she needed stitches in her forehead. Luckily she didn’t break any bones, but they were treating her for a possible heart attack, I think mostly as a preventative measure. The nurse did say the heart attack chemical in her blood was a little high.

When I left they were taking her up to dialysis and she is obviously going to be admitted. What happens after that I don’t really know. Oh, I do know. Pretty soon, they’re going to have to commit me because I’m going to go insane!

Taking a deep breath now.

One thought on “about mom and dad, again

  1. Oh man, your poor family just cannot catch a break. I hope your mom can get the care she needs at the hospital, and hopefully when she’s released can go to a better facility than the previous one. As for your dad, I hope he thinks of his family and chooses to fight this. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you to have them both sick at once. Sending big hugs your way.


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