Didn’t last long

My mom is back in the cardiac intensive care unit, has been since yesterday. She was out of it for not quite a whole day? They took her to dialysis Saturday morning, and her heart rate went crazy again, so back to intensive from progressive. She seems a little more with it, not quite so out of touch. She managed to call my cell phone today multiple times (she doesn’t always remember the number). Still no word on when she might be released. As for my dad, he looks like crap, and looks like he feels like crap.

In attempt to gain some holiday spirit tonight, Zach and I went over to a neighborhood nearby where they really do up the lights, one house in particular. They do this ever year and its never exactly the same. They have a huge electrical panel to power just the lights. Its insane. Not something I could do, but I enjoy it when someone else does.

So even though I’ve decorated and wrapped gifts, I’m not really feeling the warmth of the Christmas spirit. I know its just circumstances that are making everything feel so glum and lifeless. Plus, having a grown kid, so that takes the youthful joy out of it. Maybe shopping for those last few gifts in a busy mall will kick me into gear. Or maybe I’ll get the holiday spirit in March.

In the mean time, I have absolutely nothing new happening to me. I suppose I should look at that positively. No news is good news in some cases. I do have a a list of things I need to do that has to be done this week, and not a lot of energy to do it. If someone could zap me some get up and go, I’d appreciate it.

I hope you’re enjoying your December, readers.

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