Mom’s still in the hospital, but she’s been moved out of cardiac  intensive care to the cardiac intervention unit, whatever that means. I talked to her doctor yesterday. They’d done an MRI on her head and confirmed she’s had several small strokes. Her doctor says she’s pretty sick, which I know. I don’t suspect they’ll be doing any surgery as none has been mentioned.

I’m scraping by in a kind of zombie mode. I just walk around feeling numb. My dad isn’t very active, and still won’t talk about how he feels. All I can do is speculate from his behavior that his cancer is probably back. I wish I knew more but he’s not going to go to the doctor.

Like I said, I’m wandering along. I’m finally sleeping well again, and I definitely need it. I’m sleeping for like 12 hours though. Maybe I just need it, but it does slow down my day. I’ve still got a little shopping to do, cookies to bake, stuff like that. I wish I had more interesting things to blog about but I don’t.

Stay well, all.

One thought on “Friday

  1. Ugh. I’m so sorry 😦 At least your mom is getting some help, and is hopefully at least comfortable. I wish I knew what to tell you about your dad. I think sometimes people just don’t have any fight left in them- especially if they’ve been down that road before. I know it’s hard for the people who love them, but sometimes you just have to respect their wishes.

    When my sister died she signed a waiver and said it was okay to take her off support if her condition was unimprovalble (she still would have lived, but she would have had much more difficulty getting around). Mind you she was 26 and never mentioned she had done this to any of us. We found out when they called to tell us she was going to be taken off the ventilator per her request, so we’d better get up there and say goodbye. I am still angry, but it’s what she wanted.


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