Mom’s still in the hospital, but she’s been moved out of cardiac ¬†intensive care to the cardiac intervention unit, whatever that means. I talked to her doctor yesterday. They’d done an MRI on her head and confirmed she’s had several small strokes. Her doctor says she’s pretty sick, which I know. I don’t suspect they’ll be doing any surgery as none has been mentioned.

I’m scraping by in a kind of zombie mode. I just walk around feeling numb. My dad isn’t very active, and still won’t talk about how he feels. All I can do is speculate from his behavior that his cancer is probably back. I wish I knew more but he’s not going to go to the doctor.

Like I said, I’m wandering along. I’m finally sleeping well again, and I definitely need it. I’m sleeping for like 12 hours though. Maybe I just need it, but it does slow down my day. I’ve still got a little shopping to do, cookies to bake, stuff like that. I wish I had more interesting things to blog about but I don’t.

Stay well, all.