things done

Busy sort of weekend. Saturday we put up the outside lights. I got a nice bruise on my leg while climbing onto the roof, and had a load of fun hanging over the edge looking at the ground. It was much fun to be had by all, and it looks like I might be going back on the roof to plug click fix, since one of the strands decided to go partially out. I hate that.

I ran to Lowes to get a new ceiling fan and a couple Poinsettia, and some new lights for the bushes out front. That was fun. I usually enjoy going to hardware stores and the sorts, and looking at all of the random stuff that needs to be installed if you buy it.

I put the lights on the tree later that evening. It looks nice, well lit. Considering I was not firing on all cylinders  due to three hours of sleep. Did a bit more decorating and went to bed at 10:00.

Today I decided to take on my fear of my own inability and installed the ceiling fan. Zach helped me get the old one down (it was one heavy beast) and the neighbor drilled the mount into the ceiling. The old one was hanging on a heavy duty hook but the new one wouldn’t work that way. After the neighbor put up the bracket, I finished the installation, which included putting on the blades which was a pain in the ass. I wired the electrical myself, and the fan works! Go me!

Then again, I counter-acted the go me by forgetting about a concert I had tickets too. Zach had even mentioned it earlier in the day, but I was so absorbed by getting the fan up. It didn’t really register in my brain until I was exhausted and hurting.

Now I’m tired again. Ready to crawl into bed and give up on the day. Bah humbug. I’m moody now.

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