too much sleep

I slept hardcore. Really seriously hardcore. For a long time. Apparently I needed it. I even slept through a power outage, which is something that would normally wake me (I don’t know why). Sadly though, when the power came back on, the motor in my ceiling fan refused to turn the blades anymore, so I will soon be shopping for a new fan. I’m so used to having it on that its weird to have it be still. Also sadly, I slept so much I’m not tired now.

My cat was staring at me and I got the hiccups. Is there a correlation there? If so, damn cat.

I’m usually ready to swing into Christmas mode right about now, but I’m totally not. I’ve been in a moody mood instead. I was trying to figure out what’s making me feel this way, and I think, nine albums in, I’ve figured out the problem. While doing my iTunes A-Z, listening to Diana Krall. I have ten of her albums. I love the music, but I think it high doses, it puts me in a moody mood. I’m on the last one, now. I think I can finish it and preserve my sanity. The end is so close! I hope this isn’t going to effect the way I listen to music now, though. I’m really trying hard to get through my iTunes library, but for some reason it keeps growing, like I keep downloading music or something.

Tomorrow, while the weather is nice, we’ll be putting up outdoor lights. This means I will be crawling on the roof, which is not really amongst my favorite things. The cooler temperatures should lift my spirits, though, and maybe put me in more of a holiday mood. If that doesn’t. Hopefully putting the lights on the tree will. Or maybe I just need time?

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