Things that make me rant, apparently

So I was in my car on the way home from Target today when a commercial came on the radio for children’s Tylenol, or something of the sort. I stopped paying attention after a the part when the lady said “Do you worry when your child has a fever? Of course you do, that’s your job.” I don’t know what kind of crack you’re smoking but lady, motherhood ain’t no “JOB” and if all you do is worry than something is wrong with you. Sure, being a mother can be tough, kids require lots of attention. It takes up all of your time, but it’s not a job. It’s part of your identity. Only a mother would understand this too. Along with being tough, it’s fulfilling, and enjoyable. My kid is nearly 18, and it still makes me smile when he laughs, and yes, I do worry. Worrying about your child is not a job, it comes naturally.

This reminds me of that Five Hour Energy commercial where the woman with the armful of groceries talks about coming to her second job, which is implied as being a wife and mother. First of all, make dad get off his ass and cook, and then, remember, YOU CHOSE THIS. It’s not a job, its part of your identity now. So quit bitching and do what needs to be done. And learn to delegate if you’re doing every god damn thing that needs to be done around the house.

I feel a little better now. I don’t know why I got so hot-headed about that. I’ve just never viewed being a mother as being a job, because job implies its something you have to do whether you want to or not. Last I checked, being a mom or a wife is not something you apply for at the employment office. Maybe it should be though. All parents should be thoroughly screened before reproducing. Not that I’m the worlds perfect mother, but some people just need to not have kids, I think. Especially if they’re gonna do shit like leave their one year old home alone while they go to Universal to party, or take them shoplifting with you and run away, leaving them behind.

That’s exactly why I’m so lit up about this. There have been so many stories on the news lately of just STUPID things being done to children. Like the lady that left her 13-month-old alone in her crib for 7 hours while she was at Universal. Someone broke into the apartment and ransacked the place, leaving people thinking she might have been kidnapped, especially since she left the child behind. But noooo, she was at Universal having fun. Oh, and then there’s the grandmother who was selling her grandson with her daughters permission for her mother to sell her newborn child. There have been other stories with people leaving their kids at home alone, shoplifting with babies, its just insane. People that have no common sense should not have children. Ok, I’ll say it-stupid people shouldn’t have kids!

There, now I do feel better.

One thought on “Things that make me rant, apparently

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Heather.

    I don’t know what it is nowadays with people and their kids.

    I’ll still be “mothering” mine when he’s 50, so I totally don’t get people who don’t take care of their little ones.


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