Its official

One week from today is Thanksgiving. One week and one month from today is Christmas. I think I’ve got a handle on Thanksgiving. I know what I’m cooking, know where my recipes are, made a list of what I need, have the prep in my head. It’ll be messy, but it should go off without too much of a hitch. I do as much as I can the day before so there’s not as huge of a mess to clean up on Thanksgiving. Still, it stresses me out and every year I go through the “I don’t wanna’s” but eventually break down and cook, even if its a large meal for three people, four if my dad decides to eat left overs.

Christmas is causing me to spaz already. I don’t have all of my gifts wrapped. I haven’t finished shopping. I can’t decide when to get the tree. Yes, little things like this stress me out. I think the worst thing about Christmas is that requires unpacking, and that can take time. I’m not patient. Unpacking is not for me. Plus I just want it done done done so people can relax and enjoy. My mother was not a person who decorated simply. She went all out everywhere, and it took a long time. My approach is much more simple.

OMG I just remembered I have to address and send holiday cards too! I’m going to burst.

At least all of the plumbing problems are over. *sigh

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