Die uh beat us

I’ve been waiting for the proverbial third shoe to drop this week. Two expensive repairs had to mean a third thing was going to happen. It did. This morning my mom was sent from the dialysis clinic to the hospital. Apparently in addition to retaining too much fluid, her breathing was labored and her blood pressure was sky high. They were afraid it might be a cardiac event so they sent her to the hospital. I just spoke to her. She had dialysis at the hospital and claims nothing else was wrong, and she’ll be discharged tomorrow.

I know I’ve mentioned all of my mothers medical issues, but lets go over them again, shall we? She has high blood pressure, peripheral  arty disease, half of a thyroid, type 2 diabetes, and renal failure, along with having a heart that sits backwards and has a hole in it. I think she may suffer from congestive heart  failure, but i don’t know that for sure because she hasn’t visited her cardiologist in years.

You may think a person with all of these problems would be pro-active about their health, but my mom is not. She was diagnosed with diabetes, like, maybe thirty years ago? In the beginning she took some initiative and took care of herself, but apparently that grew tiring, because she gave up all together. She eats carbs like crazy, likes lots of salt, and candy that my dad buys for her (!!!?!!). Her health is just horrifying. She takes so many pills along with insulin, but not everything stays under control because she never made the commitment to take care of herself. Eventually she boxed her kidneys because of this.

We went through something similar to whats happening last holiday season, and at the beginning of the year. She ended up in the hospital with a leg infection and too much fluid retention. She had intensive dialysis and eventually lost the fluid. She’s supposed to be under fluid restrictions but she ignores that too. The leg infection was pretty bad, and her vascular surgeon found very poor to little circulation in her leg. He talked to me about it, and said that if they couldn’t get the veins moving with angioplasty that they would need to remove the leg. Did this faze her? No. It would have scared the ever living shit out of me, but she remained lackadaisical. Lucky for her, she didn’t lose the leg, but that doesn’t mean that possibility isn’t still out there.

Its just  damned shame, and it really hurts me that she doesn’t care. I know she suffers from major depression (who wouldn’t in that case) but because of her kidneys she can’t be properly medicated to make any difference. I’ve tried to get through to her, but it doesn’t work. She’s only 64, too.

Diabetes is a beast, plain and simple. If you happen to be reading this, Geoff, even though I don’t really know you, I am so proud that you are taking this bull by the horns and refusing to let it win. By doing that you’re not just taking care of yourself, you’re taking care of your family. Don’t ever think they don’t appreciate your tenacity. Go you!

That’s all.

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