This week. It is bad.

So yesterday I posted a picture of foam on the water in the swimming pool. This was because the pool filter had to have all of its cartridges replaced. To replace cartridges one must empty the filter of water. When put back together, its full of air (and filter cartridges). Turn the pool pump back on and lots of air pushes into the pool, creating fascinating foam that drifts and makes pretty patterns. However, since I did not know how to replace the cartridges myself (and my dad was apparently refusing to since this really needed to be done in, oh, JULY), the pool guy had to be dispatched. This costs more than doing it yourself, and the bill really makes you go “Ugh who’s wise idea was it to get a POOL.”

Cue to last night. The toilet won’t flush completely, and water is backing up into my shower and the bathtub in the other bathroom. I’ve dealt with this before, it was a clog (stupid septic tank system). I called Roto Rooter, and they couldn’t get anyone out until THIS MORNING. I told them forget it I might as well call our regular plumbers, which I did. However, my mother, who stays up all night, didn’t seem to care about the back-up, and kept flushing the toilet, and which point my toilet would go GLUG GLUG GLUG, so I got up to a wet bathroom floor. Nice, no?

So like I said I called our regular plumbers. He came out and took care of the problem. However, since the access to the septic tank on the side of the house could not be located, he had to go through the roof, which leads to additional cost. He was smart enough, however, to find the access while the snake was running through it, so we have our access back. Too bad its buried underground and has roots growing in it due to an ill fitting cap. And get this-there are roots growing in it and that’s what was causing the back up! So best thing to do is to add on to the pipe where the access is and make it so its above ground. He is currently working on that, creating another ugly bill.

So I’m stressed. I’m also exhausted. The only good thing to come out of this week was I somehow found my muse and have written over 15,000 words for my nanowrimo. I would sacrifice that to start the week over, though.


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