This month is starting to be a bit of a bummer. I still haven’t gotten the house clean, I feel like I’ve made no progress at the gym, and now I feel like I’m catching a cold. Nanowrimo was a total bomb, and I haven’t done much knitting, or wrapping of Christmas presents. The Halloween decorations have been put away, though.

I did just come up with a new nanowrimo idea, but I don’t know how far I’ll get before the end comes. I just got so totally bored with my first idea it was painful to try to continue it. Creative writing is not my strong suit, which I think I might have mentioned in my last blog.

Today was weigh and measure day at the gym and I did NOT see results I wanted to see. I’ve lost a little weight but I haven’t lost inches. My body fat was down by over a percent, so I guess I should look happily upon that and not get as discouraged as I’m feeling. I guess the work I’ve done has made some sort of difference.

My A-Z iTunes challenge? Haven’t listened in a while, except for right now. I’m still in the A’s. Avenged Sevenfold is hard to get through. I’m not even sure why I have it. Must have been a back to metal phase I went through. At least I didn’t put Atreyu back on there. I’d be in the A’s for the rest of my life. I have a feeling this will slow down again due to Christmas music I’m sure I’ll add. Plus, since I started the challenge, I’ve added more stuff, so I have even more stuff to go through.

Now I think I will end this very uneventful, whiney blog. Thank you, dear reader, for listening with your eyes.

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