Where’s the panic button??

Its November 1st and I’m already freaked out about this month. I’ve got to put away the Halloween decorations, the house needs to be cleaned and kept clean, Thanksgiving is coming I have to plan, my Christmas shopping isn’t done, I have a doctors appointment, I have a novel to write, I have dinners to cook, I have to get to the gym, I need a little me time, I’ve got to update my blog, I have Christmas to plan for and my GOD I still have knitting to do!

That’s pretty much where my head is now. Not to mention the overwhelming fear that as much as I’m doing at the gym, the next time we measure there will be little to no change, which I’m afraid will get me down and make me stop going again. I am breaking out in hives here, people!

How am I going to keep my head on straight. How am I going to get this done? Add more hours to the day? Well I could get up earlier. I guess taking it one day at a time and pacing myself is my best and healthiest bet. I can finish with the Halloween decorations tomorrow. Zach can help me clean the house (even if he doesn’t want to). Nanowrimo is a big experiment for me, and I’m not losing anything if I don’t finish with 50,000 words. Thanksgiving will be like any year and really shouldn’t catch up to me until that week. After that, I just take a deep breath and let the holidays begin.

I think I solved my problem, didn’t I? Now lets see if I can keep with the not panicking.

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