A gym ra(n)t

I’ve come to enjoy going to the gym. No, I’m not lying, since I’ve been going regularly I feel more energetic, a bit happier, and I sleep soundly. Plus, though it hasn’t been that long I do feel and see a bit of a difference. My muscles are firming up (seriously, you should check out these biceps!), my jeans are getting looser, and aerobically I can push myself further. I’m trying to do strength training five days a week, and cardio seven days.

However, there are certain aspects of the gym that annoy/and or baffle me. Most of it seems to involved other gym goers, personal space, and use of equipment. Don’t get me wrong, everyone with a membership is welcome to come and work out as they please, but there are some things I just don’t understand.

1. Choosing the elliptical machine right next to me when there are many available. I find this distracting and a bit of an invasion of personal exercise space. Why can’t you leave at least one machine separating us? Is it the TV? Because honestly, you can see it better from that back row of ellipticals right behind us. Is there something on my face that says “Please use this machine right next to me.” If I do, tell me so I can make a different face. But really! There are so many ellipticals! Why don’t you want your own space???

2.People who are on the phone at the gym. Seriously? Can you not turn off for thirty minutes? Are you THAT important? Then why don’t you have a private gym, or better yet, someone to work out for you? The other day there was a guy a couple ellipticals down from me (thanks for the space) who was on his bluetooth taking calls. How can you really push cardio when you’re talking on the phone? I just don’t get this one. I don’t even take my phone to the gym with me.

3. People who sit on the equipment and do nothing. Yes, this happens. I see someone sit down at one of the machines and five minutes later, they still haven’t done a damn thing. Maybe ten minutes will pass, they’ll do five reps, and then just sit there again. I understand if you’re trying to bulk up, you take longer rests between sets, but you actually have to LIFT the weight to bulk up! If you want to sit, go to the chairs at the front. Other people want to use the machines.

That’s all I have to rant about today, but I think it was quite enough. Next time, maybe I’ll attack the people who get on the elliptical next to me and read the news ticker aloud and react to it.

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