Get off my chest

Ever have one of those days where you wonder how your head got stuck so far up your ass when it comes to certain topics? ¬†You know what sets you off, what topics upset you, don’t you? I know what bothers me too. So do you know what I did? Engaged in a conversation with a girlfriend that inevitably sent me to an unhappy place. How stupid am I?

I’d already been having a slightly off day. Didn’t sleep too well, burned myself out at the gym, and now I’m achy and tired. This week has been weird for me emotionally to begin with. Its been a yo-yo, and I’ve been spinning up and down with it. Now I’m the last monkey on the string hanging out of a barrel.

Sorry this is cryptic. Its sorta guy related, and its taken me to that lonely place. That lonely place where I just want to curl up in a ball and cry, but at the same time my mind is racing? Its not a fun place to go.

Luckily, its almost bed time. Here’s to hoping for better sleep and a less dingy day tomorrow.

Day 30- your aspirations

Aspiration. Such a big, loaded word that leads one to think of big, lofty goals to be reached. I’m not sure if I like or not. Lets play with it.


I’ve been working out a lot because its my aspiration to be healthy and happy. Is that something where you reach a tangible goal and you’re done? I don’t think so. Its a continuing, lifetime process, but it doesn’t mean its not an aspiration does it?

I aspire to be friendly to the people I meet. That’s an easily reached goal. Because its so easy, is it not an aspiration? Not at all.

I aspire to be a good mother. I aspire to be a good friend. I aspire to be conscious of my health. I aspire to be an excellent cook. I aspire to one day knit a lace shawl. I aspire to get through nanowrimo next month.

Seriously, I can play with this word all day.

I guess this thirty day meme was an aspiration. I aspired, and with this blog, I’ve reached that goal. Thirty days of posts on particular topics. I’ve enjoyed it. I hope those who have stuck with me through it enjoyed it too, and will stick around, as this has really got me into blogging mode.

I feel like Doogie Howser right now, like I’m wrapping up my day into a neat little blog post (insert me gazing to the side and smiling).