Day 28- something you miss

Since its that time of year, I miss Halloween as a kid. It was usually a little cooler up in Alabama, more seasonal, not that it really mattered as much to me. We were always in a hurry to get to as many houses that we could that we didn’t notice we were running in crisp cool air through piles of dying leaves.

I remember my dad taking some of my friends and me trick or treating every year. Everyone walked back then. Nobody had a mom with a minivan to drive them from house to house. Nobody was on a cell phone calling to be picked up, we had to walk home no matter how far we went. On the Air Force base there was a real sense of community and if you had a parent with you they were always running into people they knew too.

And the smell of burning pumpkin, because there was no excuse to not have a real Jack-o-Lantern. No art pieces, just silly or scary faces. And so much candy.¬†They’ve put pumpkin pie in a candle, but they still haven’t come out with that burning pumpkin smell you’d always get with candles in pumpkins. Nothing equals fall and Halloween to me like that smell.

Ah, memories.