Early in the morning

It’s 5:40am, so I suppose some people are starting to get up. I’ve been up. All stinking night. It was just another one of those when thoughts and ideas refuse to shut off for the night.I have knitted gifts to make, so I’ve spent a great deal of the evening powering through that while listening to my iTunes library (still in the A’s because I have something like 14 Ani DiFranco albums).

I came here to rant, so why am I not ranting? I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my to-do list before. There’s really not much on it. Finishing cleaning the garage is just going to have to wait until the holidays are over. If I have a little spare time here and there I can do something here and there. The next is organizing Christmas decorations into better storage boxes, which seems like a good idea at the end of the holidays.Then there’s steam cleaning the carpet, which has not been done because its so time consuming. There’s several other things I won’t bore you with, but now I’ve also thrown in the idea of cataloging my yarn so I know what I have when I’m looking for a random or major project.

Plus there’s the everyday stuff like cooking, laundry, cleaning, going to the gym. HOW DO PEOPLE FUNCTION???

The holidays coming up is a big thing. I’ve still got some shopping to do, then there’s Thanksgiving dinner (big fuss for three people), decorating for Christmas, sending out cards, and somehow managing to find time to bake cookies and knit the dishcloths I want to do for neighbor gifts, along with candy. Did I mention I don’t have decent yarn for that, or at least decent colors? I feel like I’m in over my head, but at the same time, I know I can pull it off. Hopefully there will be a little relaxation and enjoyment this holiday season.

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