Day 27- your favorite place

My favorite place. You’ll notice I’ll rephrase the daily topic when I can’t think of anything right off of the top of my head. Well, the place where I spend most of my time is in my room. I don’t know if I’d classify that as a “favorite place.” I think I spend the second most amount of time at the gym, which is a nice place, but not my favorite. The rest of the house doesn’t feel homey to me, so that’s why I’m in my room most of the time, busting my back, sitting on the bed.

My favorite place is Anthropologie in the Mall at Millenia. That’s our fancy mall down in tourist area but I get out there every once in a while. They’ve got a lot of stores that we don’t have closer. The reason I love Anthropologie is I could explore in there for hours. Sure, they’re expensive, but it can still be fun to put outfits together and wish. Plus they have a sale section. Its not just clothes though, its home goods too. All in one cosy store with many nooks and crannies.

Close second would be any bookstore. I usually go to the bookstore when I just need a quiet break. I’ll wander the aisles looking for interesting titles and authors I like. I prefer fiction, and I’ll read a pretty good expanse of it, when I’m in reading mode.

Ok, that was supposed to be favorite place singular, not plural. Oh well, I’m 32 flavors and then some.

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