Day 26- your fears

Let’s start with the deep seeded fears and playfully follow the things that scare me and creep me out.

I fear being alone. I should rationalize that I’ll always have Zach, but what if something happened to him? Or what if he decided to distance himself from me when he’s an adult? Plus there’s that other kind of companionship that I want. I would love to find a great guy and settle down with him. I’m afraid that I will never meet the right guy, though. Especially as I get older.

I fear being broke and having no place to go. I’ve pretty much got the guarantee of a house at some point in the future, but its not in my ideal location. Plus, having a house means bills to pay and upkeep to keep up with. What if I don’t have a decent job and can’t afford anything? I’d be screwed.

Now, the things that creep me out. Big bugs, especially cockroaches, water bugs, and lubber grasshoppers. If I see one, I am SURE that that bugs lot in life is to terrify me by getting in my hair or crawling on me. I an typically handle spiders, but those others, eww no. I have to fuss and fuss until I get help dispatching the monster. My fear of roaches is severe enough that I’v woken up from nightmares screaming because I’m sure I saw several on the ceiling drop onto my bed.

I’m also, well, this is really strange. I love balloons, I really love balloons, but every time I’m around them I get tense because I’m afraid of the noise they make when they pop, especially if it startles me. I don’t like to be scared by things, especially random things. This is also why I stay away from Halloween Horror Nights and haunted houses that aren’t for kids. I’m not afraid of the supernatural, I’m afraid of the natural.

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