Day 25- your sleeping habits

My sleeping habits include a bed, pajamas, ambien, and a cat. I usually sleep on my right side, and use a comforter year round.

A lot of nights I have trouble falling asleep and am up very late or not at all. Nights when I do sleep, I usually sleep pretty heavily for a while. When my sleep lightens, anything can wake me up. My dad’s cough will wake me with such a start its like waking from a nightmare. Then of course there is the power of the cat stare to wake me. I sleep as long as I can, because I love to sleep.

I strongly believe in napping. I will take a nap if I didn’t get enough sleep, couldn’t sleep, or if I’m just generally tired and there’s nothing to do. I think everyone should be entitled to an afternoon nap. Naps all around!

The iTunes project is moving along slowly. Still on the A’s. AlizĂ©e. I have a thing for French Pop.