Day 23- Something that makes you feel better

I suppose it really depends on the amount of stress I’m feeling. Earlier this afternoon I was pretty upset, not the kind of upset that a piece of cake or some delicious chocolate would fix. I was close to tears and about as tense as I could get. I went to the gym and worked it out on the elliptical and felt much better.  I suppose that would help with general levels of anxiety. Maybe even going would help hold off some of that general anxiety. Something to think about.

Other little things that make me feel better, I mentioned cake and chocolate, my cat when she feels snuggly always helps me relax and fall asleep. Shopping, which can be a bad bad thing. But even a trip to the store for essentials can be enjoyable. I love getting packages in the mail. I love it when that gorgeous blouse I ordered online arrives, and its just as or more gorgeous than it was online, and then it fits like a dream?  That makes me feel better. New shoes work too. Especially boots. Oh I just LOVE fall clothes! Woah, reign it in cowgirl.

I think its important to have a healthy way to work on stress and make yourself feel better. The gym does that for me.

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