Day 21-your job and/or schooling

Why yes, I have been to school, and I have held a job. I have an AA from Valencia Community College, and I went to Rollins College to work on a Bachelors in English. Never finished that Bachelors. I’ve thought about going back to school, but I haven’t been able to.

Job. Right now? Unfortunately not. I’m wrangled down on the home front with my mom being as ill as she is, and my dad not being much better. I help take care of them and take care of the house, they allow me free rent and a bit of spending money. Is it ideal? Is it where I want to be? No. But when I needed my family most, when I was 18-years-old with a newborn, they were there. Now its my turn to pay it back. Its a circle of life. I’m literally just circling with my life while I watch my parents throw theirs down the tube.


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