Day 20- your morning routine

Its so hard to call it a “morning” routine, but I guess it is.

Pretty much every day, I’m woken up by my cat. She either stares at me, or paws at me until I wake up. She’s little miss perky, ready for food. So I roll out of bed, use the facilities, and then go feed the cat. Then I wander back to my room and go back to bed. Here I check my email and catch up on overnight tweets.

At this point I usually get dressed and make the bed. I suppose making the bed kind of ends the “morning routine.” Really not very exciting, is it? Does anybody have an exciting morning routine? I suppose early birds find their morning schedule more comforting and “yay the sun is up happy day happy day!” but I am not that morning person.

Actually, if I get up early enough, while everyone is still asleep and Zach is off to school, I do like the morning. Its the one moment of silence that I get to collect myself and usually get something done. Last year I backed all of the Christmas cookies first thing in the morning. I’m an introvert, I like my quiet alone time.

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