Day 19- Something you regret

Definitely the dress I wore to prom my junior year. It was bright pink, and sequins and a poofy skirt. What was I thinking?
No, I don’t regret the dress. I would never wear anything like it again, but it was the style back then.
I do regret things I’ve done in my past, but I can’t change them now, so why dwell on them. I know, its a big cheat not to take it and go with something big in my past, and that might be a very interesting jumping off point to a good blog entry, but I’m not taking it. I’m taking something I’ve been regretting today.
I regret not taking more advantage of my gym membership. Its a fairly small gym, but a good one. I have a physical trainer I work with once a week. Sometimes that’s the only time during the week that I go. Last month I got into a pretty good rhythm, but fell out of it for some forgotten reason. I joined the gym for a reason-I want to get fit so I have a fighting chance against all of the problems in my family. I don’t want high blood pressure, poor circulation, or adult-onset diabetes. I’ve got enough problems to deal with to not need those health issues. But that still doesn’t compel me to go. I need a serious kick in the ass.
So that’s what I’m counting as something I regret. Something I can do something about instead of something in the past that I’ll dwell on. Besides, if I did anything differently, I might not be here today, which, in some ways, might not be a bad thing.

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