Day 17- your favorite memory

I have a lot of memories. Not so many as I used to, though, because my brain just can’t sort it out anymore. I forget things within 30 seconds now a days. I think I remember the important stuff, though.

My favorite memory is from 1993. We were living in Sumter, South Carolina on my fathers final military assignment. It was quite a culture shock moving from Southern California to this quite little town, but I was ok with that. I was 18, had a baby just starting to walk, quiet and safe was ok with me.

It was December 23rd, and the weather was colder than what I’d felt in a while. The weather said there was a chance of snow, and that it might stick. I kept checking, and the snow finally came, and yes indeed it was sticking. My mom and I got Zach dressed for cold weather and, with the dog, went out to the front yard to show Zach snow for the first time in his life. He waddled around in it appearing amused, while the dog trotted like she had no idea why her feet were so cold. It was such a quiet, peaceful, happy moment. The Christmas lights were on casting colors onto the snow. The air was crisp with stillness, and the silence was wonderful. Everyone at that moment was happy. Especially me.

Eventually I had to gather Zach back up and take him and put him to bed. That was fun. But otherwise, it was perfect. Snow right before Christmas, my baby’s first Christmas. I wish I could go back to that moment every year.