Day 16- your first kiss

I was a little tramp. I was maybe six or seven when I kissed my friend Warren. We were romping around like fools, I think we might have been wrestling. I had a chance, took it, and kissed him. He was totally grossed out by it. Later in life, we would have an on and off sort of thing. His mother told my mother she imagined we might get married one day. Warren is off in Afghanistan at the moment, quite possibly on the front lines. That’s what he wants, though. I did tell you he was weird, didn’t I?

My first mutual kiss, was probably in sixth grade with a guy named Shane. He and I had this on and off thing (see a trend?) He was one of those really great friends you have in your life that you lose touch with. Last I knew, he was back in Alabama, but that was 17 years ago. Good gracious my life contains big numbers.

Its kind of funny thinking back to my first kiss. The last time I kissed someone was almost four and a half years ago (yes, I said years). It sure would be nice to kiss someone again.